Thursday, 10 July 2008

On the fiddle!

Good lord Lindon is claiming £256 a week in benefits whilst he might be working!

Instead of watching another programme about benefit cheats why can't we have a programme where an undercover team of investigators follow MP's and MEP's as they repeatedly make 'dubious' expenses claims.

For instance it would, I reckon, be so much more fun to have someone tail the Commons Speaker's wife when she gets a taxi to see just where she's going.


William Flack said...

I saw that programme too. I agree with you that they should point the camera somewhere else for a change. I think that a show following undercover investigators into Homeless Persons Units and catching the staff telling people lies to stop them pursuing homelessness applications would make an interesting show. It would not be very difficult to get the material.

The show made me think that it would be good to introduce "compliance officers" to monitor public officials to stop them messing the public around in the same way that they monitor people making false benefits claims.

House said...

Perhaps I should go around being a mystery shopper testing LA's housing departments!

Perhaps one day all the LA's could just turn around and say to the government 'Look we can't lawfully assist everyone we should be so either change the Law or give us a load more money'

Although come to think of it from my experience in working in LA's they have enough money already if only they would stop being so bloody inefficient.

Part VII of the HA 1996 isn't in my mind particuarly hard to interpret but things have just got evermore complicated as a result of LA's trying to help as few as people as possible!